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  • Easy-to-use platform

    With an intuitive interface and a step-by-step guide inside, trading just got easier

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    Just $15 to start, leverage up to 1:500 and competitive spreads — all for you 

  • Swift

    Cash out anytime with zero commissions and local payment methods

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    We’re regulated by FSC Mauritius, CySEC Cyprus, FSCA South Africa and FSA Seychelles

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Trade now

Simple stock trading will start here soon

Imagine trying to predict the next move of big players like Apple and Tesla. You don’t need to buy stocks, just guess whether their prices will climb or drop. What’s the upside? You can trade on stocks worth thousands of dollars apiece, even if you don't own much money, thanks to leverage. So get ready. Stocks are coming soon to Doto!

Why Doto is a go-to to trade on stocks

When we’ll add stock CFDs to our platform, online stock trading will be hassle-free and packed with benefits. Take a peek:

  • Our trading platform is super simple: Just log in and we’ll guide you step-by-step to opening your first trade, be it stock CFDs or any other trading instrument. For the trading enthusiasts, we’ve got MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.
  • The minimum deposit is only $15. That will be enough even for a stock trading account, which is coming soon.
  • We offer leverage up to 1:500. So trade big even with a small initial investment.
  • Move your money in and out for free — Doto has no commissions on deposits or withdrawals. Plus, we’ve got a bunch of local payment options, so you can do you.
  • Worried about losing more than you’ve got? Don’t. With negative balance protection on our trading platform, your account never goes into the red if the market moves against you.
  • Risk management tools? Check! Stop-out protection keeps your trades safe from those market mood swings.
  • We are a licensed broker (and soon to be an online stock broker), regulated by FSC Mauritius, CySEC Cyprus, FSCA South Africa and FSA Seychelles. So trade safe and sound with us!

4 steps to start trading stocks with Doto

Starting with our trading platform is super straightforward. Check it out:

  1. Sign up to Doto — a two-click registration, easy verification and you’re in.
  2. Zip through our quick platform tutorial. No solo learning here — we’ve got your back.
  3. Fund your account using the local payment method you like best.
  4. Wait a bit for us to add stock CFDs to the Doto trading platform. Right now you can try trading on other markets like forex or crypto with Doto, your broker that makes things easy.

Looking for more markets?

  • Forex

    Ride those crazy currency swings

  • Indices

    Tap into global economies in one go

  • Commodities

    Trade classics like gold and oil — they never fade

  • Crypto

    Join the crypto rush and catch the Bitcoin buzz


How do I open a trading account?

Simply hit Sign up on our website or download the Doto app, enter your email or just use your Facebook or Google account — and you’re in. Demo trading with 10,000 demo dollars is available right away. Want to go live? Zip through a quick verification and you’re all set to trade for real.

What is the minimum deposit?

To start trading with Doto, simply top up your account with $15.

What affects the prices on the stock CFD market?

Stock prices bounce around based on how companies are doing, what’s up with the economy and big global news. But a key event for those who trade stock CFDs is the earnings season, when companies disclose their financial results. Tesla released a good report? You might wanna buy stocks because it’s highly likely they’ll go up.

Is it safe to trade with Doto?

Absolutely! We’re legit and licensed by top regulators like the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Mauritius. Everything’s safe and good to go. Your personal details? Guarded. As for your funds, they’re chilling in separate bank accounts with top-notch banks. No stress, just trading.